Friday, 30 September 2011

UTM-1: How to bypass the WebGUI during the initial install

Before I begin I should note that this does not 'always' work, and is not supported by TAC.

However, if you are successful with it, you can run sysconfig/cpconfig immediately instead of having to go through the initial install procedure via the WebGUI.

I know anyone who is stuck doing remote deployments/wipes with UTM-1's knows the pain this requirement can cause :)

To 'get out of jail', simply run the following from expert mode:

touch /opt/spwm/conf/wizard_accepted

Once completed, sysconfig/cpconfig will now work.



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  2. @binarian I'd totally agree. I 'did' however have success with this a few days ago on a reset :)

  3. Another option, which does not bypass the WebGUI is to use the console to manually configure an interface (ifconfig and route commands) and then hit the WebGUI via a routable IP address on the device. You are blocked from running cpconfig and sysconfig, but not route and ipconfig.