Friday, 21 October 2011

ByteRange Filter Denial of Service Vulnerability in Check Point Products

Hello everyone,

A security update just came in that you should be aware of:

Check Point has acknowledged a vulnerability in multiple Check Point products, which could be exploited to cause a DoS (Denial of Service). This vulnerability is the Apache ByteRange Filter vulnerability, CVE-2011-3192, reported earlier this year. Because this affects network filtering and protection devices, this flaw has the potential to impact other network devices dependent on that filter, resulting in a much larger DoS. Please refer to the Check Point advisory for the list of impacted products. Users of Check Point devices should check with the vendor and apply any updates as soon as possible.

Hotfixes have been released for:
  • Connectra R66.1, R66.1n
  • R71.40, R75.20
  • DLP-1 R71.20

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